Why nTrader is Best Trading Platform Provider for Brokers

July 4, 2024

nTrader is the one and only Trading Platform solutions for Brokers, Financial Institutions, Prop Funds and Hedge Funds, which provides complete Broker Solutions.

A Professional Trading Platform With Following

Broker Side Backoffice Terminals: Server Admin & DealManager.

Client Side Terminals: Desktop Trader, Web Trader, iOS Trader, Android Trader.

Client side / Fund Manager Tools: CopyTrading / MAMM PAMM

Broker Tools: CRM System, Built In Plugins.

Liquidity Solutions: nTrader offers Built in Liquidity Bridge and Gateway Solutions, you can connect your nTrader Platform with FIX API Networks Exchanges or Tier1 Tier2 Liquidity Providers, including Banks & Non Bank liquidity Providers Plus Major ECNs. Such as LMAX Exchange, CME Group, Prime XM, OneZero, Different Brokers Using MT5 / MetaTrader 5 has also signed up for nTrader Liquidity Bridge and We have prepared Branded Bridge for those Brokers. using Liquidity Connection is on one Click and Free of Charge.

Special Features for Brokers: Intelligent Dealing (AI) which deals Toxic Clients and Provide the Appropriate Broker Friendly Execution, Management of Slippages, and Control of Execution Price over High Volatile Movements and Economic News.

nTrader is a Cost Affective Platform when compared with other Trading Platforms in the markets the Component provided by nTrader includes similar components provided by other Software providers + We also provide Broker Tools / Fintech Industry Products free of Charge as a Built in Functionality,

If you compare the Starting Number of Accounts, nTrader offers up to 4 times more Accounts (4x) which is 4000 Real Accounts, The System of nTrader is a very strong system, and can be compared with any other trading platform provider you will find a result nTraders a Complete Solution for Starting your Successful BrokeragenTrader Broker Tools, Desktop Terminal, WebTrader, iOS Trader, Android Trader is the complete solutions for New and Old Brokers in the industry.

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