is nTrader a Better Platform as compared to Other Trading Platform Providers?

May 29, 2024

nTrader is considered to one of the best in the Market, as compared to each and every platform available in the world. There are market Leading platform providers, who are charging between 5k – 20k USD a Month from brokers, but they still have missing components such as a Broker CRM, a Copy Trading Platform, and Liquidity Bridges.

nTrader believes in Quality, and Industry Standard Trading platform delivery, by taking nTrader as a Platform for your Brokerage, you will have no hassle to contact 3rd party Broker Tool Technology Providers, because nTrader offers complete Technology Solution, a Trading Platform is well known due to its unique features, built in functionalities, CRM system, Copy Trading Platform and a Liquidity Bridge.

Liquidity bridge based on FIX API Technology, nTrader – nTrader and nTrader to Meta Trader 5 Platform, you can use the nBridge free of cost as a Built in Technology.

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