May 29, 2024

nTrader Offers LMAX Exchange FIX Api technology Bridge, which gives you access to Connect your nTrader Platform with the Deep pool of liquidity of LMAX Exchange.

LMAX Exchange is a Multi Regulated, MultiLateral (MTF) trading Exchange Standard Facility for Brokers, Financial Institutions, Banks, Hedge Funds.

Trading or Taking Liquidity from LMAX Exchange UK, is one of the Highest Standard of FX Industry Liquidity Network, and nTrader is one and only Trading Platform up till now, which gives you Liquidity Bridges free of Cost, Ready to use to connect your nTrader Platform to LMAX Exchange UK.

nTrader is a Trading Platform Designed for Brokers, Financial Institutions, Banks. Exchanges, Clearing Houses, Dealing Rooms, Prop Funds, Funded Accounts, Fund Management & Hedge Funds,

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