nTrader vs MT5, MT4, cTrader, VertexFx.

June 9, 2024

best trading platform provider2024

Comparison As a Matter of Fact, MT5 is todays Worlds leading Trading Platform provider with highest number of Users, as compared to them a similar competitor called Vertex Trader is in the market since 2 Decades, providing a similar trading platform. cTrader is considered to be the 3rd famous Retail Trading Platform provider which is in the market from last 3-5 Years.

If we talk about the first two Platform providers, they are in the industry for almost around 20+ Years. 

nTrader amongst the above discussed Is the latest trading platform, which comes to existence in beginning of 2023, nTrader has proven to be Best Trading Platform provider, which was nominated for an Award Category, After the User Reviews, Votings, nTrader has been the winner of “Best Trading Platform Provider 2024”

Special Features

nTrader is considered to be a Special Trading platform because of its unique features, which covered a big loop of the FX Industry, Brokers had so many requirements which has not been fulfilled by the Old Software Providers, perhaps brokers had to Develop and built Extra Tools or Plugins for their Trading Platforms in order for them to run the Brokerage Business.

Vision & Mission of nTrader Team Our Vision is to be one of the most recognized Trading Platform provider in the industry with a Mission to Cover up the Industry GAP, Provide every single Required feature by brokers not as a 3rd Party Broker Tools Provider where 3rd Party Industry Makes money, and brokers has to keep paying extra money to make their platform better, the main mission of nTrader is to provide each and every Broker tool requirement as a Built in Feature with in nTrader Platform so that Brokers stops loosing money, they may invest their money in Marketing and Management of their Broker, and they may get a Chance to Grow.

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