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Nextgen F X Investment LLC
Is a company registered in dubai, United Arab Emirates, license number 1083202, issued by DeD Dubai, having office at 204, 2nd floor, Blue Towers, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE

About Nextgen Trader
Nextgen Trader is an Independent Trading Platform designed for Registered/Licensed Companies who carry on Registered Brokerage Activities such as CFD or Stock Trading, Brokerage and Educations.

The Nextgen Platform is only provided to those companies who have the relevant business activity mentioned on their Articles & Memorandum of Association. Nextgen Trader is only a Trading Platform Technology, Designed & Developed by Nextgen, We do not Provide Data Feed, Or Financial Services at all, We only provide The Trading Platform to Appropriate Broker Companies, Who Use the Platform on their Own Company’s Registered name, and Deal Stand alone with their clients Directly. Nextgen does not have any Access to the Data of clients of Any Company who Purchase / Lease the Platform from Nextgen, As the Platform is Solely Installed on the Servers of those companies, and Nextgen doesn’t have any kind of access to the data base of the companies customer list. Nextgen does not take Any kind of Financial Deposits from any client, Nextgen – Demo Server is solely made for the Purpose of Demonstration of the Platform.